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Greetings, April 2008

Bob Estrin.jpg This is Bob Estrin and you have probably signed up for my list while viewing my photography in the past.  Well Spring is here again and the perfect time to send out one of my rare announcements.

So what’s new?  My largest solo art show to date.

During the month of April, twenty four of my framed prints will be on display at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum’s gallery.  This will be a mixture of my classic images as well as numerous new ones created just for this show.

Lines of Stone
   Lines of Stone - This image is printed in the current April issue of the Mesa Lifestyle magazine.

Boyce Thompson is a great place to visit all year since it changes every season but spring time is one of my favorites due to the nice weather and flowers as shown on top.  I am also giving two photography lectures/workshops during April. 

Art Show:  April 1 – April 29.  Additional show, location and lecture information can be found at

Artist reception:  April 5, 10 am to 12pm.  Free admission to the arboretum for the day of April 5 by
printing out the hidden free pass at

Many of you have purchased or seen my work at an art show, gallery or community events like First Fridays in Phoenix or First Wednesday in Chandler.  For those less familiar, my work has a general theme of  “Objects from the past” including ghost towns, adbanded buildings and old cars as well as Southwest landscapes.  More of my photography can be seen at .com/index.html">www.bobestrin


   Stepping into Decay 

Some recent happenings:

Yesterday I sold three images for use on a commercial web site’s home page in Texas and a large architectural firm in San Diego is currently considering my work for a building project.  While my work is collected and hanging in homes and offices in numerous States, it is a new area for me to lease my images out and deal with interior designers.

I hope to see you soon,

Bob Estrin

Photography Talk:

This is my first newsletter which I named “The Lens Paper” based on the old Kodak sheets of cloth that I used to clean my lenses with.  I would like to have a short write-up on a photography subject for each newsletter.

This month’s subject is on an example of one of the features that is available with digital cameras.  For each photograph, the capture date, time and other information such as exposure is saved with each photograph in the EXIF data.  This information can be displayed in many programs used to edit photographs or display at on-line portfolios such as the popular FLICKR website.

I find the capture date useful such as when I want to remember a good time of year to visit Flagstaff for fall colors based on a past visit experience.

The spring flower image above was taken on April 14 at 9:39 AM at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.  This helps my timing in photographing spring flowers the following year since it often takes numerous visits in multiple years to the same place to get the final results you are looking for. 

With all the rain we had this year, it will be a very good year for spring flowers which is nice whether you like to photograph them or admire their beauty.

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