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Latest Happenings

My April show at Boyce Thompson Arboretum was a big success with thousands of visitors seeing the gallery over the month. I very much enjoyed hanging out in the gallery on the weekends and talking to the guests. I also volunteered my time giving two photography lectures / workshops which were filled to capacity.

One of my images "Sandstone Waves" was printed in the April Mesa Lifestyle magazine.


The new resort being built in Phoenix purchased four 30 x 40 prints and I look forward to seeing them on display.

Just a reminder, while I display smaller prints at my exhibits, Ask me about producing custom sizes to fill that special place in your home or business.

For my buyers

Please send me a photo of your past purchases on your wall along with you in it or not. I would like to display some images of happy customers on my web site along with your first name and town. Email or mail a 4x6 to .com/contact3.htm">here.


Topic of the Month:

How do you know when you get "the shot"?

It is interesting to me that sometimes you know right away at the time you trip the shutter that you have something special. Many times I shoot a specific subject numerous ways but know in advance which one I will want to use in the end.

Sometimes for first group of photographs I take are just my way to seeing the subject and how I want to represent it. When I make my decision, I take my final few images and those are probably the ones that will be the best. The advantage of seeing the images on the LCD screen of digital camera helps out in this determination.

Most of the time, you do not know at the time when you got the shot. When you view the images at a later time, you can see them more as someone else might view them. This is a good time to determine if that shot is one you will want to pursue further. This is a very important step in the workflow since you tend to take many more images with digital cameras than previously done and this requires the photographer to be more selective.

Sometimes photographers see their images with an emotional attachment based on personal experiences relating to the shooting situation. This could be something like needing to wake up at 5am to go to a location and remembering thinks like sounds, weather, smell, changing light conditions and difficulty of the shot.

When a viewer sees your work, none of that matters and they are seeing just the image and their own emotional response is based on experiences they may be reminded of when viewing the image. Sometimes the photographer has to take this into consideration on how others may view an image in determining if they selected the "right shot".



Arboretum Show


 Photo of the Month
The photo of the month is available for a limited time at a special price at .com/gallerymp.htm">http://www.bobestrin

.com/gallerymp.htm .

Out to Pasture - Bannack, Montana


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New Images

As you can imagine, I spent some of my time photographing this month at the Arboretum. Here are some new images available at my
.com/gallery1htm">new images gallery page.

.com/gallery1htm"> Spring Bloom in the Desert
Boyce Thompson Arboretum

.com/gallery1htm"> River of Color
Boyce Thompson Arboretum



A Place to Hang your Pants
Vulture Mine in Arizona

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