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Fine Art Photography Newsletter - June 2008



Latest Happenings

I am starting and heading a new professional art group in the Phoenix, AZ area for artists.

While many art groups revolve around the art process, we will focus on the business end of art.

Members will be able to hear professional artists from different mediums discuss their experiences using short lectures in a social round-table format.

For the customer, this should lead to a better customer experience.
Additional information can be found .com/artistgroup.html">here.

Reaching to the Sky


I received the June Artist of the Month award voted by the artists of the Mesa Art League. The image was called "Reaching to the Sky" and was printed using pigment inks on canvas.

Commercial Projects

A San Diego architectural firm recently noticed my art on my web site and purchased a large number of prints for a new Phoenix area hospital. They will be on display in late June and I look forward to seeing them on the wall.

For my collectors



Topic of the Month:

Advice for beginner photographers

With the advent of the digital camera, many new photographers take way to many photographs and perhaps hope that later they will find some that they like. I have the attitude that I would feel lucky to shoot the entire day and come away with 1 or 2 really great photographs.

If you shoot a hundred or hundreds of photos in the day, you may be shooting to fast. I use a tripod to slow down my process on purpose and it seems to work for me. This is more true to landscape type photography. Photographing wildlife and sports for example, you may want to shoot for freely.

When I first learned photography, everything was done manually such as focusing, setting the shutter speed and exposure as well as which settings to use for a particular situation. While I feel their was an advantage of learning photography when cameras were not so automated, the advantages of the new features are self evident. Even with the newer advanced film and digital cameras, I think all beginning photographers should also know how to use their camera in manual mode or how to override the automatic settings when needed.

The new cameras are heavily automated with computers inside of them. I recommend that beginner photographers read the camera owners manual page by page and try out each of the cameras features of their camera such as the menu system, custom functions and different meter exposure options to name a few. Even if they will not use all the available functions during normal shooting situations, they will have the knowledge to use them when the situation requires it.

In the end, most people want a few nice photos to remember the day. Getting to know your camera is a one time leaning experience that pays off in better images for many years in the future.



Municipal Court
Building Exhibit

This was an exhibit I had earlier this year in Gilbert, AZ. I was one of the first artist asked to display in this beautiful new building.


Painted Cowboy
With this mural being over 50 years old now, it is a estimate to the cowboy spirit and may he ride forever.


To the Bell Tower


Granite Dells




Full Service

Art related site I recommend

I went to Tempe photography event about five years ago and attended a lecture by a unique photographer name Chip Simons. A poster of one of his photographs still hangs on my wall which reminded me to visit his web site once again. I was not disappointed and still enjoy his vision. His writing style on his "Bio" page was as entertaining and creative as his art. Check him out.

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