2021 Handmade at Amazon - Guide to the New Handmade Edit Procedure including using Variations with Parent / Child Items and Customization Changes

Handmade at Amazon

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Variations and the New Edit Screens

What are Handmade Variations Compared to a Handmade Customization Video Webinars and other Information on New Handmade Variations Advantages of using the new Variations Basic Step by Step Instructions on Creating a new Parent Listing Variation Managed Inventory screen showing Variations Variations are not available for this category error message Variations - Important information to read New Item Edit Screens


New Amazon Customizations for Handmade Items Save an existing Customization to be used on other Items New Bulk Upload of Customizations Step by Step Instructions New Deleting of the entire Item Customizations for an item Add a Comment / Question Additional Articles to Read

Other new item edit additions

New Bullet Point entry fields in the Product Description New limitation of using HTML in the Product Descriptions New White Background Requirement on First Image Video on Handmade listings Brand Name Field for Handmade and Handmade Brand Registry New Handmade return policy for items with Customizations

Miscellaneous Subjects

How to do a character length check count on the search term field Cancelling your Amazon Account Steps

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Article by Bob Estrin