Articles written by Bob Estrin

Articles for artist:

1. Selling your art at an art show

2. The artist relationship with the alternative art gallery and artist/gallery contracts

3. The artist reception - A social event or a business opportunity

6. Interview with fine art photographer Bob Estrin


Articles for selling on Amazon:

1. Selling your art on Amazon - Handmade Category

2. Updating in bulk on Amazon - Handmade Category

3. Handmade at Amazon - Guide to the new Handmade edit procedure including using Variant Parent / Child items and Customization Changes


Articles on passwords and web security:

1. Internet password hints for a more secure internet experience

2. How artist can protect themselves from internet scam orders


Articles for photographers:

1. Artist printing photography on canvas

2. DIY project on mounting metal prints to the wall

3. Printing photography on different surfaces and presentations

4. Cleaning your digital sensor

5. Photography career paths for photography students


Past Newsletters:

Newsletter 1

Newsletter 2

Newsletter 3